‘Sesame Street’ nails mannequin challenge — until Ernie hilariously messes up

If you thought the mannequin challenge that’s taken over social media was starting to wane, that’s only because you haven’t recently taken a trip to Sesame Street.

In a delightfully silly video posted on Twitter on Tuesday, a camera travels up and down a frozen, silent Sesame Street, capturing all kinds of frozen moments between Muppets, cast members and crew.

We particularly like the places where they’ve made it seem truly frozen in time: papers falling, dishes tumbling, egg cartons on the verge of landing on the floor.

And then we circle around to Ernie and Bert, gamely holding their faces still … except Ernie decides that’s the moment to alert Bert of a small detail he’s overlooked: his shoelaces.

Bert, ever fastidious, bends down to tie them and … the moment is shattered.

“It wasn’t me!” cries Bert, much to Ernie’s (and our) amusement.

Oh, that Ernie!

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