Air Quality Action Day declared for most of SC

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – DHEC has issued an Air Quality Alert for Midlands, Upstate, Central Savannah River area, Pee Dee and Catawaba regions.

That alert is in effect until Midnight Tuesday.

They have declared an Air Quality Action Day for Fine Particulates.

That means the fine particulate concentrations within the affected region may approach or exceed unhealthy standards, especially for those individuals sensitive to particle pollution.

The National Weather Service has issued an Air Quality Alert for Upstate SC and the Mountains and Foothills of western NC on Monday.

The an Air Quality Alert means:

  • · Stay inside if possible, particularly if you have respiratory concerns or other health problems, are a senior or child
  • · If you must go out, try to limit the amount of time you are out to strictly essential activities
  • · Minimize your use of items that increase pollution, such as cars, gas powered lawn mowers and other vehicles
  • · Do not burn debris or other items during an air quality alert


Visibility (miles) Air Quality Index AQI Color
10+ 0 – 50 Good
6 – 9 51 – 100 Moderate
3 – 5 101 – 150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups
1 – 3 151 – 200 Unhealthy
< 1 201 – 300 Hazardous

Greenville County Schools administration says they have been in close contact with its principals today about the air quality and the potential impact on students.

They say principals have been advised that students who are known to have asthma or breathing conditions or students who express discomfort being outside should be allowed to remain indoors.

They say parent requests that their children be excused from going outside for recess should be honored.

They say the same standards should be applied for athletes during outdoor practices this afternoon.

At least one school in Northern Greenville County has cancelled recess and outdoor activities today because of thick haze and poor air quality, according to the district.


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