Volunteers serve hot meals to people displaced by Hurricane Matthew

Floodwaters from Hurricane Matthew covers parts of Interstate 95 and homes and businesses in Lumberton, N.C., Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016. People were ordered to evacuate, and officials warned that some communities could be cut off by washed out roads or bridge closures. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WBTW) – American Red Cross shelters are now closed and many of people who called those shelters home since Hurricane Matthew are living in motels.

Lola Smith, displaced by Hurricane Matthew said, “When we first got here it was every time we turned around. All through the day people were bringing food and stuff. For the last couple of weeks it has completely stopped.”

Until three days ago, when Randy Lewis started serving hot meals to people who have lost their homes and cars to Hurricane Matthew.

Lewis says many are seniors or have disabilities that prevent them from being able to leave their rooms.

Lewis said, “The Lord told me to come feed these people.”

“Before I started cooking they told me they haven’t had a hot meal in at least two weeks,” Lewis adds.

Despite having congestive heart failure and having two heart attacks this year. Lewis says he needs help to help those who can’t help themselves. So each day he prepares meals and even delivers them to some people in their rooms.

“As long as, I can walk I’m going to feed them,” Lewis explained.

People at the three motels in the area say they are grateful for the community coming to help them.

Henry Cutler, displaced by Hurricane Matthew said, “You have to come into a disaster sometimes to realize how much we love each other. How much we are willing to reach out to one another.”

Day by day, Lewis asks for food donations and volunteers to serve hot meals in the parking lot.

Smith said “Anybody siting in the comfort of home eating their hot meal. Please think about the ones that don’t have a stove or kitchen to go in to cook a hot meal. Think about them.”

Lewis says he needs food donations and volunteers to distribute the food. To help people displaced by Hurricane Matthew—contact Randy Lewis at (910) – 544- 8839.

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