More witnesses to take the stand in Slager trial on Monday

Courtesy: Grace Beahm, Post and Courier

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — The trial involving former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager will continue on Monday morning. This is the third week of testimony.

The State will continue to call witnesses in their case. Two dozen witnesses have already been called in.

SLED agent Angela Peterson was the second on the stand. She was one of the lead investigators.

Before her, Levi Miles took the stand.  He is the private investigator for Slager’s former attorney.  He demonstrated how Slager told him the events between Slager and Walter Scott occurred last April.

Agent Peterson recounted what Slager told her on the day she interviewed him.  Part of his story didn’t line up with what she saw on the video, including the distance between Scott and Slager at the time of the shooting.  But in cross examination, there were several questions she could not answer including why trace evidence wasn’t tested, why Slager’s uniform was initially collected, and what sort of searches of the field were done of the day of the shooting.

Late Monday Anthony Imel took the stand.  He works for the FBI and an image analyst.  He was able to create six individual videos of the event at various speeds to allow the FBI to critically view what happened.  He also created several still images from the video. His testimony is ongoing.



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