French far right leader Le Pen: Trump win boosts her chances

FILE - In this Sept. 18, 2016 file photo, France's far-right National Front president Marine Le Pen waves to supporters during a summer meeting in Frejus, southern France. Le Pen said in an interview broadcast on the BBC on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016, that Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. boosts her own chances during next year's French presidential election. (AP Photo/Claude Paris, File)

LONDON (AP) — French far right leader Marine Le Pen says that the victory of Donald Trump boosts her own chances during the French presidential election because he “made possible what had previously been presented as impossible.”

Le Pen, who leads the Eurosceptic National Front, is considered a serious contender for the April-May presidential race.

In an interview with the BBC broadcast on Sunday, Le Pen drew parallels between the U.S. election result with the rise of European nationalist movements and the Brexit vote.

She said all the elections were essentially referendums against globalization and showed “the victory of the people against the elite.”

Le Pen has long campaigned against immigration and wants to lead France out of the European Union and its visa-free zone.

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