Lead Investigator over Superbike case talks Kohlhepp arrest

Lt. William Gary, was at the Sheriff’s Office in 2003, when the Superbike Motorsports case happened.

In 2008, Gary took over the case, researching every piece of the dozens of files and boxes of evidence, saying that case felt cold when he received it.

“I can picture where they’re laying, how they’re laying, where the shell casing are, where the projectiles might be…everything that was in there,” said Gary.

In 2012, for the 9th anniversary, investigators released a new sketch of the Superbike suspect, one that Gary says looks spot on to the man they’ve now arrested, Todd Kohlhepp.

Investigators went to his 95-acres in Woodruff on Thursday, Novemeber 3rd, looking for Kala Brown and Charlie Carver, missing out of Anderson.

Brown was found chained alive inside a storage container, Carver was found in a shallow grave, shot to death.

I asked Lt. Gary if they had any idea it would be connected to Superbike, “It was not long before we knew there was a possibility.”

Kohlhepp re-initiated contact with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday November 5th, pointing out the graves of Johnny and Meagan Coxie. Kohlhepp then confessed to the Superbike murders giving them three details that only the shooter and investigators would know.

Kohlhepp was on a customer list for Superbike, and investigators made two attempts to interview him early on. They investigated all of the names on the customer list, as details of the suspect came out as a disgruntled customer.

“When you look back you go, duh! But none of them jumped out before this…none of it jumped out to say Todd Kohlhepp is your guy,” said Gary.

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