Kohlhepp being represented by public defender

Kohlhepp is officially being represented for his 5 charges, including kidnapping and murder.

Kohlhepp was charged after missing Anderson woman Kala Brown was found chained in a storage container on his property, her boyfriend Charlie Carver, found shot to death in a shallow grave.

Johnny and Meagan Coxie, a missing Spartanburg County couple were also found in graves in his property.

Kohlhepp then told investigators that he was behind the 2003 Superbike Motorsports quadruple murder.

Shane Goranson has filed paperwork to represent Todd Kohlhepp, stating the case could eventually become a death penalty case.

Goranson is part of the Capital Defenders divisoin of the South Carolina Commission of Indigent Defense. This group was formed in 2008 to help reduce the expense of capital litigation for the state.

The standards for public defender representation for capital cases is much different than normal.

The solicitor’s office says that it is too early in the case to even discuss the death penalty.

Kohlhepp has not been charged at this point with the murders of Carver or the Coxies.

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