Double amputee WWII Veteran walks again

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD-TV) – Walking is not something Andy Nelson takes for granted. The Navy Veteran made it through World War Two and the Korean War in one piece, but had both of legs amputated in the last decade.

The 90-year-old volunteered at the U.S.S. Yorktown before a brown recluse bite and car accident claimed his legs. Nelson has been rehabilitating for the last year and half so he can walk on prosthetic legs.

Ben Simon goes to Church with Nelson and also helps him with physical therapy several days a week. “I probably get as blessed as he does,” said Simon, “life lessons – never giving up and to go against what other people are saying.”

Phyllis Nelson has been married to Andy 34 years and moved him out of the nursing home after his surgeries because she felt Andy would slip away in senior care. “Everybody that was in the nursing home or wherever he did physical therapy basically told him I hate to be the burden of bad news,” said Phyllis Nelson.

Phyllis says Andy’s health has been improving ever since he moved home and he is happier that he gets to see family more.

“Super good,” said Andy when asked what it’s like to walk again. “I cry almost sometimes because I want that support,” said Nelson, “I have it now.”

A prosthetic company in North Charleston donated a second leg to Andy after the Nelson’s never heard back from the VA. The Nelsons will attend a Veterans event on the U.S.S. Yorktown November 13 and Andy plans to stand on the ship for the first time in years.

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