Bushy Park freshwater boat landing still closed after Hurricane Matthew

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) —A Berkeley County boat launch is blocked with debris that washed up after Hurricane Matthew.

Ken Shull launches from the Bushy Park freshwater boat ramp regularly. “I try to go maybe once, twice a week, especially when the fish are biting.”

But there’s a problem. “Recently since the hurricane came the landing is kind of clogged up it looks more like a floating island has drifted into the landing and you can’t launch your boat now.”

So he contacted News 2 for help. “In order to fish at Bushy Park, we have to go up to Cypress Gardens and then boat back down to almost Bushy Park to one of our fishing holes.”

We spoke with the SC Department of Natural Resources. They are aware of the problem, and they are trying to determine how it can be fixed. The floating vegetation could be pulled away from the landing, or it could be dug out and taken out of the water all together.

They are not certain who will be able to handle that, or when that might happen.

Shull says he hopes the debris is moved soon because it’s a great spot. “It’s great because of the nature out there, the alligators in the spring and the summer time, and the eagles, a lot of wildlife that you can see, it’s just an enjoyable place to fish.”

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources provided the tool below to help you find all boat landings in South Carolina.

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