Voters say ‘yes’ to half cent sales tax increase

Charleston,SC (WCBD)– Yesterday voters said yes to a proposed half cent sales tax. The proposal passed with nearly 52 percent of the vote.

The tax will continue for the next 25 years or until 2.1 billion dollars are raised. The tax will go towards funding various projects around Charleston County. The bulk of the revenue will go towards roads and bridges. It will also go towards funding public transportation and conservation projects.

There were mixed reactions from people that we spoke to leaving the polls. Some said that they were supporting the tax because it would help bring desperately needed relief to traffic problems across the county. Those opposed said that they were were not in favor of giving themselves new taxes and believed that the money should come from somewhere else.

The strongest opposition came from the Coastal Conservation League. They said that the wording was not specific enough for voters to know what the money was going to go towards. They said they fear it will lead to a 25 year slush fund.

Ultimately voters saw the tax as necessary, passing the proposal with more than 85,000 votes.

Voters also said yes to a proposed bond referendum which will use bonds to pay for the projects that the tax will eventually cover. These bonds would allow the projects to begin sooner. The bonds can not be worth more than 200 million dollars.

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