Referendum on quality of life in Dorchester County passes

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — The quality of life referendum passed in Dorchester County.

With 61 percent of the vote, citizens were in favor of building new parks and libraries at a cost of $43 million.

Tiffany Norton, spokeswoman for Dorchester County says, “Two new libraries. One would be in the Summerville area, and the second would be in the North Charleston area of the county. It would also allow for three new parks, one would be at the Courthouse Park in St. George, the Ashley River park site, and then another nature trail here in Summerville as well.”

The money would come to Dorchester County in the form of bonds, and means an increase in property taxes.

Norton says, “It would be an increase of about 5.7mills is the estimate. A breakdown would be, for a home value of $200,000 they’re looking at roughly a $45 increase annually in their tax revenue.”

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