Two issues to look for on your ballot

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — Summerville residents have two major issues to vote on. On November 8, they will decide on the structure of the government.

There are two types of local government structures: strong council and strong mayor.

The government in Summerville is currently structured as a strong council, meaning the council is in charge of making policy and carrying it out. Mayor Wiley Johnson says he hopes voters will choose to give him more power in his role. Those opposed say government is better without centralized power.

The other big concern on the ballot affects all of Dorchester County. It’s known as the Quality of Life referendum. Citizens would vote to allocate $30 million to libraries and 13 local parks. Those opposed say it’s unconstitutional to combine different issues on the same referendum, and that citizens should vote on them separately. Several groups are even bringing a lawsuit forward. Those in favor say it would benefit the children.

Residents in Dorchester County will also vote on the Dorchester District 2 school board. Six people are in the race for three seats in this year’s school board election for District 2. Barbara Crosby, Evan Guthrie, John Hull, Pat Parker, Christian Simmons and Lisa Tupper are running.




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