The small town vote: McClellanville

MCCLELLANVILLE, SC (WCBD) – Halfway between Charleston and Myrtle Beach lies the small fishing village of McClellanville.

The town of roughly 600 is known for its fresh seafood among other things. TW Graham and Company is one of the town’s most popular restaurants. With the election looming, its patrons are pitted with a decision a little bigger than the flounder versus shrimp for lunch.

“Between all the scandals and Trump not knowing when to keep his mouth shut,” said owner Patrick Runey, “I don’t know if there’s a good candidate out there.”

Down the street from the seafood spot, the town gift shop owner shares a similar sentiment.  “I think this year is a little worse because the people we’re choosing between are.. unique,” said Susan Brannen.

Locals say the town is sometimes referred to as the “other Mayberry” and is progressive despite its 19th look.

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