Suspect surrenders following standoff at apartment complex

A five hour long standoff at an apartment complex started when a man threatened his parents with a gun. Many people who live in Ansley Commons Apartments were woken up Friday morning by law enforcement banging on their doors telling them to leave.

One resident, Warren Pitts, says, “We heard a ruckus about an hour before the police came, just some banging upstairs because we were on the bottom floor. About an hour later police came banging on the door and told us to get out, a man had an AR-15 and was suicidal.”

It started just before 7pm when the suspect got into an argument with his parents who live in the apartment complex. Police say he assaulted his father, and threatened him with a rifle. The man then barricaded himself inside the apartment.

Another resident, David Hobday, says, “It’s not exactly a comforting feeling to know this is happening about 100 yards away from you.”

People from nearby buildings were told to leave and wait at the clubhouse in case the suspect opened fire, many were still in their pajamas.

Hobday says, “They sort of got irritated, they wanted to be back home, of course. It was a little inconvenience, but better safe than sorry.”

North Charleston Police, SWAT, and crisis negotiators were all on scene. Luckily, the standoff came to an end peacefully.

Hobday says he could see the arrest from his apartment.

He says, “I saw when he came out, of course he held his hands up and they pulled his shirt up so they could make sure nothing was there. Then they took him to the ground and handcuffed him.”

After five hours, the scene was clear and people were able to head home.

Hobday says, “They did a great job and they were very patient, which you have to be patient with something like that.”



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