North Charleston Police Advisory Board Sparks Controversy

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — The Department of Justice and the City of North Charleston presented the drafts of their Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Community-Police Relations.

The proposed advisory board is a result of the Department of Justice’s review of the North Charleston Police Department. The DOJ first got involved after community uproar surrounding the Walter Scott shooting.


NAACP, NAN, and Black Lives Matter are just some of the local groups who have been working to create a regulatory board.

“A regulatory board to identify officers in our community that are doing well and officers that are hurting people in the community with their actions,”said Black Lives Matter Organizer Muhiyi Dim D’Baha,”We want to have oversight over those officers to monitor complaints all the way to resolution.”

Many attendees of Thurday’s meeting were not happy about the proposed advisory board because it did not reflect their original intentions. They said the drafted 25 member board would not create more transparency.

“A long term issue with lack of transparency and the lack of effort on the part of the city and police to build trust with community, said Susan Hardy,”there is just example after example of why they cannot be trusted.”

Many original organizers walked out of the meeting saying they no longer want to be on the work committee of the plan if their requests are not being taken into account.

“Consistently their input has been ignored,” said Hardy, ” It is clear the city and the police department decided from the beginning what was going to be in and out of the proposal.”


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