911 call about “octopus legs” lands Rock Hill man in jail say police

John Dargan Barron, 69, of Rock Hill

ROCK HILL (WSPA) – A man was charged with abusing the 911 system after Rock Hill Police say he made calls to dispatchers asking about “octopus legs” and the Russian alphabet.

John Dargan Barron, 69, of Rock Hill made several 911 calls late Wednesday night according to investigators. Rock Hill Police say the first call asked the 911 operator “how many legs an octopus (has).”

The appendages on an octopus are actually called tentacles and the standard number for that creature of the sea is eight.

RHPD officers went to Barron’s home and say they found him “grossly intoxicated” according to the incident report. He was told not to call 911 again unless it was an emergency.

Police say Baron called 911 again about a half hour later to ask if the Russian alphabet was the same as the English alphabet. The incident report states officers returned to his home on McDow Drive in Rock Hill and arrested him.

Officers needed time to bring him to the police station saying Baron was unclothed from the waist down and needed assistance to put on pants. The incident report indicates Baron resisted trying to get out of the patrol car by attempting to lodge his foot under a passenger seat.

Police say he verbally abused officers after they removed him from the vehicle.

Baron has been charged with unlawful use of 911 and a citation for resisting police.

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