VIRAL VIDEO: 3-year-old twins have adorable reaction when discovering their differences

WEST ORANGE, N.J. (WFLA) — An adorable pair of 3-year-old twins recently found out that one is older and one is taller and their reactions are priceless.

The parents of Ava and Alexa posted a video on Youtube of the sisters discovering what it means to be a twin. The girls were delighted when they found out that being an identical twin means they get to look-alike, but their one-minute age difference didn’t please Alexis.

Ava is one minute older, and when Alexis found out she began to cry. Ava sympathetically reached over to console her sister by placing her hand under Alexis’s chin.

But then, Alexis learned she was taller by about half an inch and as happy as Alexis was, Ava was very upset. With the tables turned, Alexis took over the conversation to console her sister.

The twins’ mother said her girls have always been very competitive but they’re also very loving towards one another.

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