Mysterious CCSD campaign signs cause controversy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — As election day approaches more and more campaign signs pop-up. Today, one promotional yard sign caught the eye of a candidate running for re-election on the CCSD school board. The sign reads,”Vote Gary Leonard and Michael Miller.” CCSD Campaign Sign

Both Miller and Leonard say they did not give anyone permission to print the signs.

“Before you use someones name or likeness you need to get permission to do so, whether or not you think you are doing something for them or not,” said Michael Miller.

I did some digging and found a Facebook group that shows similar promotional material endorsing both candidates. But Miller says he is weary about accepting a nomination from a group he does not know.

“I do not know what they stand for, I do not know who they are so it is difficult for me to protect myself and the things that I do in the community because I am very cognizant of the stances I take,” said Michael Miller.

Miller also hasn’t ruled out Leonard’s involvement. He sent Leonard an email stating that he will pursue legal action if the material is not taken down within the next 24 hours. Leonard says he has no involvement with the Facebook group or the signs and doesn’t know why Miller would make that conclusion.

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