Avoiding the post-halloween candy rush

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) — Even for those who have done a good job of staying away from the Halloween candy leading up to Trick-or-Treat night, sometimes the real challenge lies in being able to walk past the large bowl of left-over fun-size bars that appear in the office the next day.

Out of sight, out of mind

According to Susan Albers, PsyD of Cleveland Clinic, for those who are hoping to avoid the temptation to indulge in too many post-Halloween sweet treats, it’s best to keep them out of reach.

“Think location, location, location,” said Dr. Albers. “Put all of those treats out of sight and not in your immediate reach. Don’t put them on your desk. Think out of sight out of mind. Also just like your work -set a deadline. So if they are not gone by the end of the day, or maybe the end of the week, commit to getting them out of the office. Throw them away, or re-gift them to someone else who may like them.”

Come prepared

According to Dr. Albers, it’s possible to power through the work day without reaching for the sweets with a little bit of mind-over-matter, but if helps to come prepared.

She said eating a solid breakfast that is high in protein and healthy fats, such as eggs or a piece of toast with avocado or some almond butter, can help reduce the sugar cravings that tend to creep up in the afternoon.

Another way to help curb sugar cravings is to try sipping on some cinnamon tea. According to Dr. Albers, cinnamon is clinically shown to help to reduce sugar cravings and can help regulate blood sugar.

Mind over matter

Dr. Albers said it’s important to remember that it’s not a complete diet-wrecker to indulge in one or two Halloween treats, it’s just not a good idea to take down a whole pile of candy without thinking twice about it.

“If you do chose to indulge in one of those candy bars, do it mindfully,” said Dr. Albers. ”Make sure that you sit down; you can also eat with your non dominant hand – I am right handed so eating with my left hand – that’s going to help to slow down, giving that piece of candy all of your attention so you can savor it and really enjoy it.”

For those who are trying to avoid using sugar to provide a mid-afternoon energy boost at work, Dr. Albers suggests getting up, walking around and doing some mild stretching to help get the blood pumping,  which can provide a natural energy boost instead.


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