March of Dimes has concerns over the rise in preterm birth rates

(WCBD)- There are new concerns from the March of Dimes over the rise of preterm births. For the first time in eight years the number increased slightly from  9.57 to 9.63 percent.

The rise earned the United States a “C” grade in this year’s March of Dimes premature birth report card.

Dr. Ed Mccabe from the March of Dimes said, ” “It’s hard work getting the preterm birth rate down. We’ve always known that. And this year shows us with the uptick in preterm birth rate. So we’ve got to work harder.”

The work will require a new focus on African American and other minority groups since that is where pre-term birth were found the highest.

March of Dimes says elective C-sections should not happen prior to 39 weeks because that is when the brain is most likely to be fully developed.




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