Police discover tampered candy at Halloween event

Credit: Clinton Police

CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH)– Clinton police are investigating after a box of candy was tampered with at a local Halloween event Saturday night.

Police were notified after a local resident attended the Joel School “Monster Mash” Halloween event and discovered that a fun size box of “DOTS” candy had been tampered with. It appeared that the box was previously opened and then re-glued shut.

Police say that it was quite apparent that the end of the candy box was re-glued because a glob of glue was still visible under the flap.

Additionally, while DOTS candy routinely comes in assorted colors in each box, this box only had red DOTS inside. It is unknown if the candy itself, however, was also tampered with.

Police urge anyone who attended the Monster Mash at Joel to please examine your children’s candy prior to ingesting it to make sure it wasn’t tampered with. If your candy may have been tampered with, you are encouraged to discard it.

Credit: Clinton Police
Credit: Clinton Police

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