Good Samaritan picks up 6, 7-year-old girls who were dropped off at wrong bus stop

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Two Chicora Elementary School students could not be found for a while last week after being dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

Last Monday, Shneara Sherman’s 6 and 7-year-old daughters got on the school bus at Chicora to head home. They recently moved after Hurricane Matthew damaged their other home.

Sherman says they were supposed to be dropped off at a bus stop they were not familiar with near Spruill Ave. and Redwood street. “But they did notify the bus driver that they missed their stop, that they were past where they were supposed to be let off at. The bus driver pretty much told them, ‘well the rules on my bus is, you get off and walk back.'”

She says her girls were dropped off near Spruill Ave. and Hackemann, a little over a half mile away from their stop. The girl’s father contacted the school to find out where the kids were, and they told him they were dropped off at Hackemann. “So he left the unit and basically ran all the way to Hackemann to find out if they were still there.” The principal of Chicora Elementary got in her car and began to search as well.

Shneara says after they were dropped off, her girls stood at the bus stop and cried. “A good Samaritan came to them and went to get his wife before he touched them or moved them or anything. He went to go get his wife and she basically came out. They asked the girls, where did they live at?”

The couple gave the girls a ride back to the school. “I just thank God that it wasn’t no criminal or no kind of rapist who got their hands on my kids. And I just hope they can get down to the bottom of it to prevent it from happening again.”

The Charleston County School District released a statement about the incident to News 2, “We understand and empathize with Ms. Sherman’s concern for her children’s well-being. The safety of our students is our first priority. We are very thankful they are doing well after experiencing a tough situation.

Chicora Elementary School Principal Shavonna Coakley, with support from Charleston County School District, has worked diligently to find out what exactly happened, and to make certain the miscommunication between the bus driver and the students is addressed so this situation does not happen again.”

-Andy Pruitt, CCSD Director of Communications and Technology

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