Dunston Primary holds “Superhero Day” in memory of Jacob Hall

About a month ago, 6-year-old Jacob Hall was shot and killed on the playground of his Townville Elementary school in the upstate of South Carolina. Friday, one North Charleston primary school honored Jacob and they are using it as a teaching moment about violence. 6-year-old Jacob Hall loved superheroes, so the afterschool program at Dunston Primary is celebrating Jacob’s life with superhero-themed activities.

Marshelle Grant, the Site Coordinator for Dunston’s 21st Century after school program, says, “Around the time that Jacob Hall passed away, we were dealing with the storm, so we really didn’t get a chance to honor his death and honor Jacob and his family, and let them know that we were really thinking about them.”

So Friday superhero shirts, masks, and spirit filled the Dunston cafeteria.

2nd grader Ja’Keria Utsey, says, “they have courage, they’re helping other friends, they’re being nice.”

And a special craft, that will be sent to Townville Elementary, made by kids the same age as Jacob.

Grant says, “Each one of the groups are going to be making big posters and we are going to be remembering Jacob. Jacob is our superhero. And we are going to put our hand prints all over the posters and we’re going to send it to the school to let them know that here in South Carolina, we might not feel what you’re feeling, but we’re behind you, we’re supporting you, we’re praying for you.”

Utsey says, “He died and I would like to do so much for him.”

And at the school, they are using this as a teaching moment, about being a good person and putting an end to violence.

Grant says, “Violence can hit a any child, anywhere, at any place and time. So be aware of your surroundings, think about where you are, be aware of who’s around you, anything could possibly happen and don’t be afraid to speak up if you see someone doing something wrong, speak up let us know, again using that word, safe haven.”

The after school program also hopes to start a “Superhero Fund” that would benefit kids at Dunston Primary. The vision for that fund would be to provide after school program to kids who can’t afford it and they hope to start that by the first of the year.

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