Citadel cadet beaten while evacuated during Hurricane Matthew

Alexander Dickson says he was severely beaten while in Rock Hill during Hurricane Matthew.

YORK COUNTY, SC (WCBD) — Citadel Cadet, Alexander Dickson, evacuated to Rock Hill during Hurricane Matthew hoping to stay safe, but his father says he was far from escaping harm. York County Sheriff’s Deputies say he ended up badly beaten.

Alexander’s father, Tom, says during Alexander’s stay in the upstate, he and his friends went to a bar. They were sitting at a table next to three men.

“My son and his fellow cadet looked over, then these gentlemen look over, and said ‘What are you looking at?’ but he used a little different language. My son said, ‘We’re not looking at anything,’ and the other gentlemen started to say things. My son said, ‘Settle down. Take it easy,” said Tom.

After that, Tom says one of the men held Alexander down while another punched him repeatedly.

Alexander’s friend took him to the hosipal…where police responded.

Tom says alexander suffered 17 fractures in the face, a fractured orbital bone, a tumor in his eye, plus damage and reconstruction to his nose.

“This was not a bar fight. This was not guys talking smack back and forth. This was a vicious unprovoked attack,” said Tom.

37-year-old Robert Reed and 27-year-old Michael Deal, II were arrested and charged with assault and battery second degree.

They were released from The York County Detention Center on a $7,500 surety bond.

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