Person wearing clown mask, armed with a knife spotted near Charleston Southern


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Charleston Southern University is telling students to be extra careful after a person wearing a clown mask and holding a knife was spotted nearby.

According to a Buc Alert sent by the college, officials are warning people in the area of Atlantic Palms Apartments. The alert read, “one of our students was walking her dog and a person wearing a dark hoodie and a clown mask, armed with a knife, came towards her in a threatening manner. She was able to run to an apartment to escape the person who chased after her. Please report any suspicious persons to the North Charleston Police Department.”

A police report filed with NCPD says, a student was walking her dog on the path that circles her apartment complex around 8:45PM. She says, she saw a figure about 50 feet away, wearing a clown mask, holding a knife and headed towards her. She immediately got scared, ran the opposite direction to a friends house and called police.

The report says that the officer asked her if it was a Pennywise mask like the clown from the movie “It” or if it was a scream mask. The student said she does not like scary things so she would not know the difference between a specific horror mask and a generic one. She just described it as an “evil clown” mask. 

If you see any suspicious active, report it to the North Charleston Police Department.

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