Nichols residents return home to survey flood-damaged homes

MULLINS, SC (WBTW) – Mostly every corner in the town of Nichols sits quiet.

Flooding caused massive damage to the small town with nearly four hundred people.

‘It’s tough having to throw all your clothes out and only saving a couple pictures and stuff like that,” said Nichols resident Maury Bane.

Bane has lived in Nichols his entire life. He is one of many people who lost everything. He says the water in his home was more than four feet deep.

“It was almost coming into the windows,” Bane explained as he pointed towards the window of his once new home.

“There is only a couple houses that survived you know, everything else under water,” said Bane.

Curb-sides around the town of Nichols are filled with belongings that weren’t salvageable.

The flooding damaged businesses, churches and hundreds of homes.

Donald Waters and volunteers geared up Monday afternoon to begin the process towards recovery.

“We got to get the rugs all up off the floor and everything. It’s messed up…everything,” Waters said.

“It took a lifetime to get but took a half day to get rid of it,” said Waters.

Waters walked us inside his sister’s home as the cleanup continues across the community,

The standing water left an unbearable smell.

Mold fills Waters sister entire home. It can be seen on the cabinets, the walls and even the kitchen floor.

“She had a big deep freezer right here full of food. It flipped it upside down completely and sat it back in the same spot,” Waters explained.

Maury Bane says the devastation in his hometown has to be seen to be believed.

“It just happened so quickly. You didn’t have but a few minutes to get what you wanted out and that was it. The water just came so quick,” Bane said.

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