Report finds which Halloween candy is most popular in each state

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Halloween may be known for costumes and frightening decorations, but most of all, it’s known for the candy. But it appears some candy is more popular than others, depending on which state you’re in.

A new report from social media shopping site Influenster has determined the most popular candies in each state.

In South Carolina, the top candy was Candy Corn.

The candy of choice in the most number of states was candy corn, which was the top pick for Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina.

The report surveyed more than 40,000 users across the country, finding that overall Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were voted for most.

The only other state to vote for Snickers most was Hawaii.

Around the Midwest, Reese’s Pieces were the top candy for Indiana, Laffy Taffys ranked no. 1 in Wisconsin, 100 Grand Bars topped the list in Minnesotan and Twix came out on top in Iowa.

Click here to see the full list of favorite candies by state.

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