Hurricane debris removal a slow process in the Lowcountry

Hurricane Matthew caused lots of debris to fall into Lowcountry yards. Much of that is now in piles on the side of the road. Many of you are wondering, when will it get picked up? 
Yard work continues in the Otranto subdivision in Hanahan. We talked with residents about Hurricane Matthew’s impact. Fred McKnight said, “Be honest with you, the Lord took care of it. I didn’t have any damage. I didn’t even lose my lights. I got limbs and stuff broken down and that’s what you see in the piles.”
There are a number of piles, and that is causing some concern. Another neighbor was out with her young daughter Friday afternoon. “I would like it gone as soon as possible. With Halloween coming up, the kids are going to be walking. What little sidewalks we have in this neighborhood are now covered in debris. It’s dangerous when you’re walking around at night with your dog and your kids. So it’s been like two weeks now. I’d like to see some movement.”
We took those concerns to Michael Múle, Berkeley County’s Public Information Officer. He said with debris being removed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, there is a shortage of available crews. “There are crews working across these four states to make sure debris gets picked up, and we’re doing the same in Berkeley County. We just ask that they be patient. We will get it done.”
Regular household trash crews are doing their usual job of keeping the trash picked up as scheduled, but extra subcontractors are working on hurricane debris.
Múle continued, “Our crews will be working 7 days a week to pick up the debris to get this done as quickly as we can and to date we’ve picked up over 2100 cubic yards of debris from Hurricane Matthew.”
Berkeley County Government is updating which areas are scheduled for debris pick up each day at this Facebook page…
The Town of Mt. Pleasant released a statement today about their debris removal. The statement is below…
“Town gives post-Matthew storm debris pickup update

by Marquel Coaxum, Multimedia Coordinator

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (Oct. 21, 2016) – The Town of Mount Pleasant started debris removal operations Monday to begin pickup of storm debris in the Town, left in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The debris is being collected by the Town’s Waste Management Division of the Public Services Department and the Charleston County debris removal contractor, AshBritt Environmental.

“As a whole, we have a lot of storm debris to collect that was left behind by Hurricane Matthew, but I’m proud of the progress our crews have made since we began the initial pickup at the start of the week,” said Jody Peele, Town public services director. “We have teams deployed to cover all areas of the Town to help make the clean up an efficient and effective process.”

The Town and AshBritt deployed crews throughout the Town to ensure that debris in all areas of the Town are collected, and together they have collected more than 13,889 cubic yards of debris since operations began four days ago.

Completed areas are Bayview Acres, Harbour Watch, Sandpiper, Quail Hollow, West Point, Carol Oaks, Horlbeck Creek, Cardinal Hill, Sunchaser, Waters Edge, Planters Point, Rivertowne and Dunes West.

The subdivisions currently being collected include Remley’s Point, The Groves, Snee Farm, Hamlin Plantation and parts of the Old Village. The next subdivisions to be collected include Cooper Estates, Molasses Creek, Hidden Lakes, other sections of the Old Village, Long Point and Charleston National.

Pickup crews are working extended hours to collect the debris, but due to the large volume, it will likely still be several weeks before all storm debris is collected. Additional AshBritt resources will be assigned to the Town as they become available.

To continue expediting the pickup operation, the Town has also enlisted help from the cities of Rock Hill, Greer, and Anderson to assist with the cleanup.

For more information on storm debris pickup, contact the Town of Mount Pleasant Transportation Department by phone at 843-856-3080″

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