Defense claims investigators misled Slager with Walter Scott video

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – The attorney for former North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager is accusing investigators of intentionally withholding their knowledge of the Walter Scott videos before interviewing Slager.

The claim was made by Andy Savage in a 6-hour long hearing Friday

Slager was present, but did not address the court. The former officer is charged with murder in the shooting death of Scott during a traffic stop in April of 2015.

His attorney also claimed that the North Charleston Police Department did not have enough officers staffed that day and if there were more officers available to respond, the use of deadly force wouldn’t have been necessary.

The judge ruled to allow the cell phone video of the shooting to be used in court. Prosecutors have previously said it is their intention to do so. Several officers, including NCPD Chief Eddie Driggers, testified at the hearing Friday.

The judge also ruled that law enforcement proceeded fairly in their treatment of the former officer as a suspect.

The defense recently made motion to have the trial moved out of Charleston, however a ruling on that was not made Friday.

Slager’s trial is set to begin Oct. 31.

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