The Charleston Catholic School provides a well-rounded educational experience grounded in the tradition of the Catholic faith

Sharing faith, loving family, celebrating diversity, experiencing art and achieving academic excellence are the core values of The Charleston Catholic School.  We’re in Downtown Charleston for our Cool School of the  week.

The arts are a way of life at The Charleston Catholic School.   CCS is arts and science focused, with 195 students in K-4 through 8th grade.  “If we have a child that goes through our program from kindergarten K-4 through 8th grade, they’re receiving dance, drama, chorus, music, band, creative writing, math and science club, as well as other foundations,”  says teacher and parent Maggie Santiago.   “It’s nice to know they’re getting a well rounded education when they’re coming to charleston catholic school.”

The Charleston Catholic School  serves four Catholic parishes.  Principal Fred McKay says, “It’s such a great loving family environment, built on our faith.  We’re all connected in some way to Charleston Catholic either through the faith we live every day or the family environment.”

Students have use of IPads and Apple TV for instructional purposes.   The school campus has been transformed with the addition of two new buildings and renovations.   Teacher and coach Sam Duncan says, “We have a great commitment to the arts as well as athletics, we have  basketball programs.  We started a cross country team this year  We have girl’s volleyball and tennis, so for such a small school we really have a lot of participation across the board.”

The arts and foreign languages are infused throughout the curriculum.  “Whether it’s singing songs in Spanish class or acting out plays in social studies, we really try to make all of the arts a part of everyday life at school,”  says Duncan.
Eighth-grade student Michael Stebbins says, “It benefits me because I tend to gravitate more toward the arts than say a written report. For our book report at the end of the year for an example, we were allowed to present it in any format that we wanted.  My group decided to make a movie about our book report, and we did interviews, and it was a lot of fun.  We did good and we got a good grade.”

Eighth-grade student Emma Joyce says they receive a well-rounded education. “I like my school because all us are like a big family together,” says Joyce.  “It’s just like a really good learning environment. ”

Upper school students complete community service hours each semester.

Coming up Friday on News 2, we’ll present The Charleston Catholic School with our Cool School award..

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