No, you can’t write-in your vote for President in South Carolina

Credit: NBC News

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Greenville County voters: be warned. There’s a new sign hanging in the voting booth explaining your write-in choice for president is illegal in the Palmetto State.

“[Voters] will get in the booth and say “why can’t I vote for a write in for president,” said Elections Supervisor, Conway Belangia. “That’s the only office on our ballot in a general election where write-ins are not allowed.”

Technically, your presidential vote is actually a vote for the 9 electors nominated to represent South Carolina in the Electoral College.

Keep in mind, there are seven potential presidential picks on a South Carolina, ballot, including Trump and Clinton.

“You want to elect people who think like you do,” said Belangia.

This is a hard sell for many who’ve felt like this election hasn’t produced quality options.

“It was a difficult choice because I didn’t really feel like I had any real choices,” said Simpsonville absentee voter, Roland McColm.

McColm said he was grinning and baring his choice the whole time in the voting booth.

“I think with this election, a lot of things are going to change,” said McColm.

Greer voter, Carl Guard, said he couldn’t vote for an independent candidate.

“That would be the same as throwing a vote away,” he said.

While not exactly true, lesser known candidates would have to get enough support in states where they are actually on the ballot to spark an Electoral College tie. This would send the ultimate decision to congress.

It is something that sounds more like a movie.

“This election, with the way things are shaping up, who knows? Hollywood script? I think this is a great Hollywood script. I just hate that it’s happening in our government,” said Belangia.

Belangia reminds voters to bring a valid id with you on election day or during absentee voting. It must state your current address. There are 5 legal options including your passport and drivers license.

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