Local kids weigh in on Presidential Election

Wednesday night’s presidential debate continued to bring harsh words between the two candidates. This presidential election is drawing the attention of everyone across the country, including children. News 2 was at West Ashley Middle School Thursday to ask 8th grade students what they think of the candidates.

8th grade student Meera Sudarshan says, “It worries me about what my future is going to look like.”

The 8th graders have been watching the debates.

8th grade student Mason Kennedy says, “Donald Trump he attacks Hillary a lot, and Hillary attacks him too, but they’re centering their campaigns on attacks while they’re saying their opinions. They are going to attacks and bringing up things that shouldn’t be brought up.”

They’re reading articles.

8th grade student Alexis Pinckney says, “I agree with Hillary, Hillary Clinton because she wants to make the police and communities tight and back together because there’s been a lot of shootings and killings and I think that’s unnecessary.”

And they’re having discussions in class.

8th grade student Jade Dockery says, “I talk about the pros of Trump mainly, because I believe he will make a better candidate than Hillary.”

They are picking out the issues that matter to them.

Dockery says, “Abortion, gay marriage, and gun control”.

8th grader Brandon Gaddy says, “Immigration, and taxes”.

And Sudarshan says, “Abortion first of all, then taxes, ISIS, and mostly their character overall.”

From the discussion News 2 saw in class, it seemed like the students were evenly split between representing Clinton and Trump. Their teacher, Lucy LaRoche, says with all the debates they have in class, she makes sure they stay composed and respectful.

LaRoche says, “If you’re going to take a stance on something, you’re going to need to be able to back it up and really know what you’re talking about. You can’t just have an opinion without having some sort of fact to back it up.”

Many of the 8th graders are 14 and will be able to vote in the next presidential election, so they ask adults to keep them in mind and head to the polls.

Kennedy says, “That’s going to be our future. Even though I can’t vote today, growing up, that’s going to be my life controlled by one of these leaders.”

The kids pointed out that it isn’t only the presidential candidates that need to be discussed, but they said the vice presidential candidates are also a factor in their choices.

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