Discussion set for Thursday on how to protect kids from gun violence

DANIEL ISLAND, SC (WCBD) —Happening Thursday, members of Gun Sense SC want you to join their discussion about protecting our kids from gun violence.

The discussion panel is Thursday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m. at Providence Baptist Church on Daniel Island.

News 2 talked to two of the organizers Jacqueline Gowe and Peter Zalka about why they planned this event. They said, we tend to be hesitant to talk about this issue because it can be polarizing, politically charged and we fear people might have a different view point. They want to end this mindset by starting a conversation Thursday night. They say the topic is one that everyone can get behind—protecting our children.

During the discussion panel, they will talk about practical solutions as it relates to keeping kids safe from guns whether they are in your home or car. Also, they will give tools for teaching children the about how to be responsible with guns.

There will be five speakers from various fields of expertise—a doctor from MUSC, a psychiatrist, a local pastor, a Charleston police officer and the local leader of Mom’s Demand Action (an activist group dedicated to what they call common sense gun reform).

Gun Sense SC member Peter Zalka talks about why you should come to be a part of the discussion. “We will have some steps we can take that are practical, that we can implement right away before the next incident and perhaps prevent the next incident from happening,” says Zalka. “We know this is not a fix-all, but if we can do a few simple things that are positive and make a difference, have a positive impact, that will be a good thing.”

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