Blitz on 2 – Week 9 – Blitz Picks

MOUNT PLEASANT – Gone are the days of Ali and Frazier going head-to-head, pound-for-pound but another fight is capturing the attention of the crowds across the Lowcountry: Blitz Picks.

Every Wednesday evening, News 2’s Brandon Baylor and Evan West square off and select the winner of 5 games on the high school gridiron.

Ashley Ridge vs. Wando

Brandon – Wando

Evan – Ashley Ridge

Bishop England vs. Manning

Brandon – Bishop England

Evan – Bishop England

Baptist Hill vs. St. John’s

Brandon – Baptist Hill

Evan – St. John’s

Beaufort vs. Cane Bay

Brandon – Cane Bay

Evan – Cane Bay

Laurence Manning vs. Porter-Gaud

Brandon – Laurence Manning

Evan – Porter-Gaud

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