Suspect accused of stabbing woman to death in Moncks Corner tells court that victim should have “just answered the phone”

A bond hearing was held in Moncks Corner last night for Edward Isaiah Nelson. Police say he stabbed Shonda Davis to death at her Moncks Corner home Saturday night. 
After Nelson entered the courtroom, the sister of Shonda Davis asked the judge to deny bond. “I’m gonna ask that he never, ever get out of prison.”
Nelson is accused of stabbing Davis many, many times Saturday night. She died at the hospital. Shonda’s sister continued, “I want you to know that you’ve caused my family grief and we will never be the same. You will rot in hell. I hope you have a horrific prison life because you gonna die in jail.”
The judge asked Nelson if he wanted to address the court, and Nelson shook his head no. A family member of Shonda’s said “coward”. 
Nelson then spoke up, telling the judge Shonda didn’t deserve it. “I let my anger get to me. I let jealousy get to me. I let certain things get to me that shouldn’t. And if I could’ve just heard from her, if she would’ve just answered the phone.” At that, a family member of Shonda’s said, “Let me out of here. He’s making excuses. I don’t want to hear them.” She then left the courtroom.
Nelson continued, saying that he was trying to talk to Shonda about some situation, “but she wouldn’t answer. Instead she wanted to go out with her friends.”
Since this was a murder charge, the judge denied bond. Bond for murder can only be set by a circuit judge. 

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