Homeowner concerned about tree on powerline

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — Power companies are still working to restore power to homes and repair lines damaged during Hurricane Matthew. One viewer reached out to News 2 concerned about a possible dangerous line in his yard.

There was a tree laying across a power line and pulling it almost to the ground. The homeowner, Oscar Dennis, says it was dangerous because there was electricity still moving through the line into the home

Dennis says, “I believe that that line is going to break eventually, that’s a heavy tree on it, and when that happens it will be a hazardous area.”

He says it put his family at risk.

Dennis says, “My daughter lives here and I’ve got 10 grandchildren and from time to time they’re over, and it’s just a bad situation.”

He says he called Berkeley Electric Cooperative five times over the past 10 days, asking for help and asking to speak with a supervisor, but no one returned his calls.

He says, “There’s a recording that says, if you have a tree on your power line, do not attempt to remove it, call us immediately. I imagine it’s pretty dangerous because of that warning.”

So, News 2 made a call to Berkeley Electric Cooperative, and within 15 minutes a crew arrived. They said the line was live, but not a danger to the family because it is an insulated secondary line out of arm’s reach.

Dennis asked, “Is electricity going through that wire?”
The Berkeley Electric employee said, “Yes but it’s okay as long as you don’t touch it. We will get the tree cut down and everything will be back to normal.”

The crew from Berkeley Electric told News 2 they are working hard to get everything fixed and they have each logged more than 100 hours of overtime since the storm hit.

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