Group suing Dorchester Co. over “quality of life” referendum


DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCBD) – A faction of residents and interest groups have filed a lawsuit against members of the Dorchester County Council over a referendum asking voters to approve $43 million for libraries and parks.

The measure will be on the ballots November 8, but those behind the lawsuit say the referendum is unconstitutional and it should have been worded with one issue per referendum. “It’s illegally worded,” said Mike Rose, an attorney for the group that filed the suit., “this lawsuit has nothing with being for or against either one, it has to do with doing things the right way.”

Back in July, county council approved the referendum asking voters to approve $30 million for libraries and $13 million for parks.

“I’d understand if it was a park with a prison,” said Dorchester County Council Chairman David Chinnis, “but we’re talking about parks and libraries – these benefits our children.” Councilman Chinnis added the voters will inevitably decided November 8.

Dorchester county resident Steven Wright says he has never seen a combined referendum before and he fears the pending litigation will tie up the allocated funds for the future regardless of the vote’s outcome. “I wish council would have separated these issues so we would not have been in this position,” said Wright.

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