Former North Charleston cop charged with murder seeks change of venue

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — News 2 is learning of new developments in the Michael Slager Case.

Attorneys for Slager filed a motion for a change of venue, saying it will be nearly impossible to find a fair jury here in Charleston.

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“The media has “knitted” Slager and Roof together such that to the uniformed, lines blur between the self-declared racist deeds of Roof and the line-of-duty actions of Slager,” court documents state. “…this combination of pretrial publicity and in-trial mayhem may give rise to a presumption of prejudice requiring a change of venue,” it adds.

The 33-year-old former North Charleston Police Officer will stand trial October 31 in the death of 50-year-old Walter Scott, who was shot while running away from a traffic stop in April 2015. The shooting was captured on cellphone video.

Meantime, the federal trial of Dylann Roof is scheduled to take place on November 7. Roof faces dozens of charges, including hate crimes, in the murders of nine people on June 17, 2015, during a bible study at Mother Emanuel.

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