Don’t be a victim of a fake pollster call

Credit: NBC News

SPARTANBURG, S.C.(WSPA) – As the candidates head into the final stretch, political pollsters are ramping up calls, trying to figure out who will be our country’s next president.

Spartanburg voter Harnetha Benson says, “I average at least once a day, some days I get one, but then other days I may get 2-3, I mean you’re flooded with them.”

This year she’s noticed something fishy about some of the offers the pollsters make.

She says, “My name will be added to a list for a trip or a credit card with so much money on it, or this kind of thing.”

Peter Stone at Spartanburg Community College says, “So thinking we won something, we’re more apt to let our guard down and give that information out, but the key is, if it’s a polling company, and they’re offering a prize, it is not a legitimate polling company, and I just can’t emphasize that enough.”

He adds that, pollsters should only ask for information about your vote or political affiliation, not personal information like where you bank or your address.

Nowadays, you can’t even trust the number you see on your caller ID. Scammers have the technology to spoof, which means they can change the number and make it look like it comes from a legitimate polling company.

Benson says the scammers start out asking legitmate sounding questions, but once they mention a prize, she’s onto them. She adds that half of the polling calls she receives are scams.

“I’m very skeptical, so I don’t feel all of them are legitimate. But those that I feel are legitimate, I will give some information, not all but a little bit,” says Benson.

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