Family searching for late son’s stolen artwork

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – A State Representative who lost his son in a fatal car accident 8 years ago is looking for his son’s artwork that was stolen out of his car during Hurricane Matthew.

State Rep. Seth Whipper (D – North Charleston) left 15 paintings and sketches by his late son, Jasiri Whipper, in his car the right before the hurricane. “In the hurry to get the car to high ground and get where I need to be before the storm hit, I left them where they were,” said Whipper. “and inadvertently, I left my car unlocked.”

Carrie Whipper, Seth’s wife, came home Sunday and noticed hose hanging out of the car’s gas tank. Seth says whoever it was siphoned their gas, but also made off with a portfolio of their late son’s work. “It’s some of what we have as a last real remain of who he was,” said, Whipper, “it’s just something really personal.”


In 2008, Jasiri was inspecting his car on the side of I-95 after hitting a puddle when another car hydroplaned on the same puddle into Jasiri, killing him.

North Charleston Police is investigating the theft and the family is offering a reward.

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