You can donate supplies to be sent to Lumberton, NC flooding victims

While many in the Lowcountry did not have severe damage due to Hurricane Matthew, that is not the case for many people in Lumberton, NC. 
Susan Lucarelli and her husband Chris run Chris’ Powersports Repair Services in Moncks Corner.

When Susan saw the devastation in Lumberton, NC due to flooding, she had to act. “These people didn’t have notice. They didn’t know it was going to be that bad… it breaks my heart because I remember in 1989 when Hugo came through and we spent a month and a half without electricity.”
So she is taking action. “I mentioned to my husband, ‘what a wonderful idea that it would be, you know, to try and get something for these people being the roads are still flooded up there.”
Chris has a small airplane, and he has another pilot friend who also agreed to join them. They will each fly their planes back and fourth beginning next weekend to the Lumberton airport, dropping off supplies. 
But they need supplies to take with them. They are taking drop off donations of clothes, food, diapers, money or really anything people who are flooded out might need.
Chris says he is excited about his wife’s idea. “We decided to take our aircraft, try to get other aviators involved with it, and make a difference.”
They are collecting supplies at Chris’s Powersports Repair Services on Highway 52 in Moncks Corner and also at Puzzle Me Pieces thrift store in Kingstree. 

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