New passport rule: Glasses off before you strike a pose

Strike a pose and smile for the camera — just not with your glasses.

Under a new rule, which goes into effect Nov. 1, all new passports seekers will be required to take their glasses off before taking passport photos, according to the State Department.

The agency gatekeeping your international getaways says more than 200,000 U.S. passport customers submitted poor quality photos last year— most of them due to glares and shadows caused by glasses, which inevitably cause processing delays for the agency and for jet-setters.

With 20 million passport applications expected to funnel through the State Department this year, the change will avoid unnecessary backlog.

But the rule does have an exception allowing glasses in rare circumstances of “documented medical necessity during urgent travel,” said the State Department in a press release. But you’ll need to attach a signed statement from a medical professional with your application.

And don’t despair if your current passport photo has you wearing specs. The rule only kicks in for the next time you say cheese.

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