Georgetown back to business after Matthew

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCBD) – The hurricane flag flew over Georgetown on Friday as the town prepped for their next big event.

More than 140 boats will be on display at the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show this weekend. It’s held the third week of every October and for the third year in a row it’s following a major weather event. ‘With the fire, then with flood last year, and this year with a hurricane we thought about postponing it,” said Johnny Weaver, “but a lot of these people could not come back.”

Many businesses along the riverfront got power back Thursday after Hurricane Matthew and they rely on the boat show boom, according to Weaver. “This brings in a lot of people, they spend money downtown at the restaurants and store,” said Weaver, “they have the best day for the whole year.”

Hundreds of volunteers have helped get Front Street in Riverfront Georgetown ready for the show. Some volunteers do not have power at their house yet they are making the boat show the priority. “It’s the the most amazing town, the people are fabulous,” said Talbot, “look at what we’ve accomplished in less than a week.”

The boat show runs October 15-16 and is free to the public.

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