Realtor helps neighbors without flood insurance

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – The Park Hill neighborhood in North Charleston is not a flood zone, but that did not stop water from Hurricane Matthew from filling up homes over the weekend.

Dozens of homes had anywhere from a few inches to several feet inside. Some of the neighbors that received water damage did not have flood insurance. Regina Taylor is one of them and lost just about everything that touched the ground. “It’s very hard to come home and everything in your house has been ruined,” said Taylor.

Down the road from Taylor, Phylicia Bonham worked through the weekend as a nurse and came home Sunday to an odor. “You know you smell that outside smell when you go inside,” said Bonham, “it was really sad because I’ve only lived here for a week.”

Taylor and Bonham are among several neighbors without flood insurance which meant the hurricane was going to cost them a lot – that was until a familiar face stepped in.

Jeff Cook, the realtor known for his billboards all over town, immediately took action donated money for crews to get the water damage out before the mold set in. “What we wanted to do just try to find the people that needed the most help those that couldn’t really get reimbursed through insurance,” said Cook.

Cook owns several houses in the neighborhood and doesn’t want people abandoning their homes. “We really just want them to stay tight and and get their house back to normal,” said Cook

If you would like to donate to the Park Hill neighborhood, click here.

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