High water levels in Ashley River concern residents

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCBD) – People who live along the Ashley River are keeping a close eye on its rising waters.

Hurricane Matthew’s torrential rainfall has raised water levels for the Ashley, especially in Dorchester County.

Several streets in the Ashborough neighborhood near Summerville are flooded from the river and some people have the Ashley’s water creeping up into their backyard.

“None of this water was here last night when we went to bed,” said Elizabeth Mawyer in her partially flooded backyard Tuesday evening, “we were expecting some tidal flooding along the river, but I didn’t think it was going to come up again this year.”

She and her husband had several feet of water come in their home during last year’s historic flooding. They are almost done repairing the first floor of their house from 2015’s waters. “We just had the guy that is supposed to put the finishing painting on the walls last week” said Mawyer “I told him not to and just wait.”

Mawyer and the rest of her neighbors hope the river doesn’t rise any higher, but they know it is beyond their control.

“You can’t hold it back,” said Mawyer, “it’s going to happen if it’s going to happen.”

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