Michael Slager appears in pre-trial hearing

Michael Slager appeared in court Tuesday, and his trial for shooting and killing Walter Scott is only three weeks away. The hearing was for pre-trial motions, ironing out a lot of the details about evidence before that trial begins. One of the biggest concerns brought up by defense attorney Andy Savage is the use of the cell phone video of the day Walter Scott died. He says the question isn’t if Slager shot Walter Scott, but the “reasonableness of that decision” and the thought process of a police officer using deadly force. Savage says he wants that video to be either shown at regular speed, or by freeze frame, not in slow motion because it will give the jury a false idea of the fraction of a second Slager used to react. This video is possibly the biggest piece of evidence for the Solicitor’s Office.

9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson says, “It’s a key part of the state’s case. We want to discuss it in opening and if it later became deemed inadmissible in court I would deal with it then, but to limit by ability to discuss that it opening is to limit the lion’s share in the state’s evidence.”

Solicitor Wilson later agreed to not show the video in her opening argument until it can be authenticated, she would only mention that the video exists at that point. Savage’s request for the way the video will be used will be discussed during a hearing on October 21st.


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