How to report residential structural damage in Dorchester Co.

Credit: WCBD/Rebecca Collett

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Cleanup from Hurricane Matthew has been ongoing for several days in Dorchester County. Several thousand residents were still without power on Tuesday.

The Ashborough neighborhood in Summerville got hit hard. Parts of the neighborhood are still flooded, and several yard are covered with downed trees and debris.

SCDOT offers a service to pickup debris piles in front of people’s homes, but there are a few rules. Tree limbs must be shorter than four feet, and debris piles must not contain anything from the home.

Dorchester County officials are asking those with structural damage to report it.

Dorchester County residents who sustained residential structural damage from sustained wind, water damage (due to flooding), or tree damage as a result of Hurricane Matthew should contact Dorchester County at (843) 832-0393 or (843) 562-0393 and/or to report the damage.

Residents should be prepared to provide the following information:


Address (of damaged property):

Phone number:


Location of damage: (roof damage, shed in backyard damaged, flood damage)

Type of damage: (shingles/siding blown off, flooded, tree on structure etc.) If the damage is due to flooding please provide the approx. water depth.  

The County tweeted that DHEC will waive fees for private well treatment.

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