81-year-old Bonneau man clearing tree on his house alone

BONNEAU, S.C. (WCBD) — The sound of chainsaws and chopping wood can be heard throughout the Lowcountry.

In Bonneau, Herbert Savage describes what it was like during hurricane Matthew. “I was in the house and I heard all the wind blowing out there.”

As Hurricane Matthew blew through, it knocked a tree down onto his house and truck. “It sounded like a crash. It didn’t sound like a bang.”

He was all alone. “And I look out here and see that it was on the truck, but I couldn’t come out to inspect the truck because the wind was too high.”

The retired machine mechanic from New York is now working alone to clear up the debris.

It amazing he is doing that at 81 years old. “Lucky it didn’t hit the house with a big force because it would’ve messed up the top of the house.”

“I know the insurance is going to take care of the truck. I have a deductible on that. It didn’t damage the house just that gutter. I can put that back.” Savage plans to have everything cleaned up by Friday.

Savage does have nine children, but they all live out of state.

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