Neighbors come together to help with Hurricane Matthew cleanup

Hurricane Matthew knocked down trees across the Lowcountry and in one Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, neighbors are getting together, starting to rebuild.

7-year-old Thomas’ jungle gym was crushed to pieces.

Thomas says, “A tree fell on it.”

In a small cluster of three homes, multiple trees fell, causing damage to yards and fences.

Stuart Devault, whose fence and yard was damaged, says, “One tree from a neighbor’s fell and hit another tree, it took both of them down on top of each other in our yard and across this yard another tree came down.”

Luckily, no one was hurt, but now the cleanup is a tall task. So neighbors from up and down the street volunteered to help.

Devault says, “I’m just blessed to have so many good people around us and they all came out, as you can see they’re all helping.”

Even the kids are pitching in.

Thomas says, “I’m putting sticks in a pile.”

All the help got the yard cleared in only a few hours. On the bright side, there is plenty of firewood for roasting marshmallows this winter.

Devault says, “The kids will like it, that will be their payback for doing all this hard work.”
And Thomas gets a new play set.
He says, “We’re going to buy a new one, one with monkey bars.”

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