Mount Pleasant Waterworks urge customers to prepare, stay connected

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Hurricane Matthew has potential to impact Mount Pleasant with high winds and heavy rainfall causing power outages. Residents are asked to reduce their discharge into the wastewater system during and immediately after Hurricane Matthew.

If your power is out at your home, it is likely the Mount Pleasant Waterworks’ pump stations are without power. Please minimize toilet flushing or excessive water use until the power is restored. If you see water bubbling out of manholes or have a sewer back up, please call Mount Pleasant Waterworks at 843-884-9626. Please keep children and animals away from overflows that may have occurred.

Customers should fill bathtubs and water bottles for use in the event that the water system is impacted. The average household should store one gallon of water per person per day for cooking and drinking. You should keep at least three days’ supply. Historically, MPW has maintained water service through major events like Hurricane Hugo.

MPW has an in-depth Emergency Management Plan to address these types of situations and all employees are trained regularly. Our highly trained employees will be working before and immediately after the storm.

Notices regarding impact to the water system or use of the wastewater system will be published on all sites mentioned above. In the event of a water or wastewater emergency, customers should call 843-884-9626, if conditions are safe on-call personnel will respond.

Storm Recovery
– Mark your home’s water meter with a brightly colored stick or object to protect it from roadside debris cleanup.
DO NOT HIDE your water meter, fire hydrants, and manholes with debris. Keep the area well marked and clear.
– Limit toilet flushing until wastewater system operations return to normal.
– Conserve water use.

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